Monday, 29 May 2017

Authorized service station vs. Independent service station: Where to go for your beloved car?

Well, it is stressful when the warranty is running out and your car demands servicing. You plan for the Authorized dealer’s station, but at the last moment, a relative or a friend suggests a local garage who may handle this task much efficiently at a way cheaper amount. Now, you get into a dilemma of choosing between two.

The question is how to decide an automobile service station in Delhi for your dear car? This blog will help you figure out the Automobile service station suiting your requirement. 

Some common features of both service stations
Authorized service station
  • Usually, an authorized service station has to work on several vehicles at one time. They have a fleet of trained technicians who know the job well.
  • They deal with a specific car brand only. Obviously, they have a specialization in repairing and maintenance that brand.
  • They have all the required tools and machinery that let them perform the task efficiently.

Independent Automobile service station
  • They are usually small garages as compared to the authorized service station.
  • They deal with multi brands. So, no matter what brand your car is but you can get it repaired here.  
  • Customers can directly meet the mechanic working on their car and give him some directions. He can also direct him for custom replacements.
  • Usually, it is a venture of former authorized technicians and managers.
  • Some independent shops also provide warranties for a specific period after servicing.
  • So, here we have some of the features of authorized service stations and independent service station. By analyzing them, you will find the pros and cons of both options.

Customized and cheaper solution
When it comes to customized and cheaper solution, Independent service station enters the picture. People often consider them as not being as technically expert as factory trained mechanics. It is not true for every case as most of them are a former staff in an authorized service station. You can customize your vehicle to the maximum extent with the help of them. If you want to keep it original, then you can do that as well. If you are running tight on the budget, then independent service station is the way to go. In some cases, they can be incredibly cheaper than Automobile service station. In a nutshell, they can deliver higher customer satisfaction, courteousness, customization, and inexpensiveness.

Expensive and specialized solution
The best part of an authorized service station is you get the original parts for vehicles. You also get the manufacturer-backed extended warranties. Usually, they are an expensive solution than independent service stations. However, they are an assurance for quality work. Usually, overloaded with work, they might not deliver customization solutions to you.

The final Verdict
Here we have a detailed comparison of both of service station. There are both types of automobile service station in Delhi. Your selection depends on your preferences. If you value the budget and customization, then choose an independent service station. While if budget is not an issue and you are looking for specialization, then authorized service station is the way to go.

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